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Patient-Care Delivery System: Implications of Technology Integration Abstract An effective way of increasing the efficiency of record-keeping for patients within a hospital would be the creation of a computer-based information system that is accessible to all nurse and hospital staff…


Not only would this reduce errors and problems within the hospital, it could also help in giving better patient care for years to come. Patient-Care Delivery System: Implications of Technology Integration The success of the restructuring of a hospital’s nursing organization relies on the mindset of all members, from the management down to the nurses in duty (Kelly, 2011). Each must think of themselves as a leader who is accountable for whatever service they would give to their patients. Also, each member of the organization must be able to act and decide based on the hospital’s vision and purposes while ensuring that the patient is at the top of their priorities, and being creative and flexible in solving problems along the way (Kelly, 2011). If the whole hospital setting is able to achieve this mindset, it can be assured that they can perform high levels of patient-care delivery each and every time. This is the premise of giving high levels of services to patients. The promulgation of a successful patient-care delivery process in the nursing settings can be achieved through the proper coordination of different resources and clinical processes that would bring the best services of the hospital to the patient (Kelly, 2011). ...
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