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Observing a four-month-old baby

At four months, babies are able to express themselves, making themselves an active part of their social environment. Observation The focus of the observation was a male baby named Sean Darren from Pennsylvania. This baby boy is developing fast under the care of his mother. He was born with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD), thus he was recommended to avoid certain foods like beans and soya. Some drugs or medications may also be harmful for him, thus he should not be given any medicine without the doctor’s advice. At his age, Sean is beginning to show funny tricks that make him look lovelier. He can recognize familiar faces of people around him; hence he calls the attention of his mother if he sees her around when he awakes. Similarly, he does not want to go with strangers and seems to choose people he goes with. He recognizes his own platter and jolts when he sees his mother holding it. He also takes his milk to his mouth and holds the bottle with the support of a cushion or pillow. Sean cries when he is hungry and wet. He feels uncomfortable to wear wet diapers so his mother makes it a point to change his diapers every 3-4 hours or earlier when needed. At the time of the observation, he was playing with his mother who was holding a rattle. ...
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Name Professor Date Observing a Four-Month-Old Baby Infants develop fast in surprisingly different ways. On their first month, they are very fragile, sleepy and helpless. They do not move a lot and stay only where one leaves them. They are a real bundle of joy to their parents…
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