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Distance Education in Nursing What started off as a form of apprenticeship promoted by various religious institutes, nursing and its education today has taken a new dimension altogether. Taking the status of an actual branch of medicine with its own affiliated degrees, the education prepares these individuals as nursing care professionals.


Distance Education, the new mode of learning: The popularity of distance education has seen a stark upraise in recent times. In simplistic terms, it is the variation from the traditionally accepted formats of learning. It eliminates the requirement of a physical classroom for education where teachers and students occupy a defined setting. Rather it encompasses the barriers of times and geographical locations to provide education to those who seek to find knowledge. (J.Y.Pajarillo, 2012). Today, this has become the most preferred medium of education as it may be used by professionals to upgrade their academic qualifications as per the timings most suitable for them, access information from anywhere and at any time, with much less financial input required, and the only requirement is basic technological knowhow. The system itself has observed various improvements with time. While the material was initially sent via post, it is now sent by email and audio visual communication has bridged all the gap between this and the traditional methods of knowledge acquisition, with both combined student participation and classroom setting hybrid models encouraging greater degree of interaction amongst the students. Distance Education in nursing, the present and future: Distance education has become an increasingly acceptable option for nurses owing to a variety of reasons. ...
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