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Research Critique Name:  Institution:       Research Critique Title: Measuring Factors Underlying Intendedness of Women’s First and Later Pregnancies. Authors & Qualifications Ilene S. Speizer- Consultant John S. Santelli-Chief Applied Sciences Branch at the Division of Reproductive Health, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta.


200). Analysis Research Problem: The research problem eliciting this research bid was driven by the need to assess gaps in reproductive health services and family planning, which are not yet clearly understood. Unintended pregnancy levels are part of the core indicators of the gaps, and this indicator is important to policymakers and planners. These pregnancies determine the health outcomes of both mother and child, and as such are indicative of the gap in planning. Thus, the research seeks to assess levels of unintended pregnancies so as to understand the gap in planning (Ilene et al. 200). Review of the literature: The research reviews various relevant works on the same topic from the past. Most of the reviewed works presents past assessments on various variables related to the topic. The work reviews extensive resources that span a long period from the early 1990s to the mid 2000s. A majority of references were from the 90s with only a few being from recent times. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework: The research makes use of a descriptive conceptual framework, which outlines the relation of the variables under study. The theoretical framework states that pregnancy intendedness and women’s attitudes and motivations to get or avoid pregnancy are essential in conceptualizing the relation between the behavior of women and fertility. ...
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