Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Essay example
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Name: Institution: Abstract Christianity is a religion that teaches that there is only one God perceived to be the creator of the universe and everything in it. There are many branches of Christianity, and beliefs in these branches differ.


There are numerous similarities and differences among all religions. Religions portray some sort of symbol or icon which they worship but cannot see. Every religion teaches non-violence as well as sacred beliefs. They all entail beliefs in a god or gods and that they all have a final destination. This paper will research three diverse faiths and compare the viewpoint of providing healthcare from the perception of each of these faiths with that of the Christian perspective and my own personal perspective. Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Introduction Healing is thought as something that originates from medical science, but many religions are now looming on different spiritual or religious beliefs to cater for the healing process of their faithful (O’Brien, 2011). For individuals in the health care industry, it is essential to understand basic spiritual and religious beliefs because they offers more insight into how patients process and perceive their diseases or illnesses. Christianity There are numerous religious practices and beliefs depending on an individual, denomination or church. In spite of the varying principles, there are numerous common practices among Christians today (O’Brien, 2011). A majority of Christians are baptized and take the Holy Communion. These are sacred beliefs, which a majority of Christians practice. ...
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