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 Admission Essay to Western University  Essay example
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As an individual,I have become very interested to join it for my postgraduate course in nursing.This is because of the knowledge that I have obtained from the internet sources and from friends about the university


The institutions nursing department has a vision of continuing to be the leader in the innovate use of best practices in graduate nursing education (WU, 2012). This indicates that it is committed in providing quality education that could help its student to develop professionally. This is among the reasons that made me to develop an interest of undertaking postgraduate studies in this University. Western University has been developing competent health science professionals since its foundation. I know two individuals who have completed their medical degree in this institution. They are very satisfied with their career and are grateful to the outstanding instructors that they had during their studies. Moreover, the institution is committed to ensuring that the learning environment is favorable to students. It does this through the provision of high quality residential facility to the students as well as other social services that are essential for learning (DHAS, 2012). This makes me to understand that when I join this university for my studies, my welfare would be well looked at. According to Schunk & Zimmerman (2012), interest on anything develops because of what a person perceives, feels, cognitively represent, and considers for further engagement. ...
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