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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity - Essay Example

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

The mind of human beings causes sickness; the cause of diseases is internal, not external. In addition, Buddhists believe that human actions (Karma), whether bad or good, can lead to problems in the future. Negative actions can arise in the future thus leading to sickness while the positive actions lead to happiness and prosperity. For Buddhists, healing sicknesses begins when an individual engages in positive actions. Consequently, the mind should be mind should get rid of the negative Karmic spirits that may lead to sicknesses (Hawter, 2012). A Critical component of healing in Buddhism faith includes beliefs (in doing what is right). Human beings must be responsible for their actions. In addition, the Buddhist believes that doing positive actions to others can prevent future illnesses. Every human being has the power to control their destiny by doing what is good. Bad actions will only lead to sickness and sufferings (Hawter, 2012). When being cared for by people from other faiths, Buddhist stress on the need to guarantee quality care that cannot lead to future health problems. For Buddhist, actions should be positive, health care providers from other faiths must ensure that they get standard care that can heal the diseases (Hawter, 2012). ...
The Shinto are deeply connected to nature that to scientific means of healing human beings. In addition, the Shinto believes that sickness is caused by the weakening of immune system by the spirits. The healing process begins by the removal of grievances that are not pleasing to the spirits. They often seek for spirits support when they want to get healed from certain diseases (Lotus, 2012). The most critical component of healing is in meditation. Human beings must honor the spirits which live on mountains, rovers and trees in order to get well. In addition, for human beings to get purification from the spirits, they must offer sacrifices, pray, and engage in a symbolic feast. The main aim of purification is to remove ‘dust’ which leads to human -spirit conflicts (Lotus, 2012). The people of Shinto consider their spirits and gods to be the most important when being cared for by health care providers from other faiths. In addition, they believe that the Goddess known as the Amaterasu, recommended that human beings should worship the mirror. Such beliefs in the goddess lead to refusal of care from other health care providers who do not share in their beliefs (Lotus, 2012). Baha’i Perspective on Healing The Baha’i people believe that health care providers serve God wile engaging in health care practices. Providing quality services to patients is one of the ways in which human beings praise God. In addition, the Baha’i people believe in medicine, however, they also believe in divine healing where human beings can engage in prayers. Consequently, they hold the belief that there is a direct relationship between spiritual condition and the health of human beings. Human beings are required to offer prayers to ...Show more


Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity of Submission Abstract This paper is based on the recognition of problems that arise due to opinions held by diverse faiths. The health problems have been around not because of scientific deficiency alone, but because of the limitations in the way human beings think about the healing process and those who provide care for them…
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity essay example
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
This usually leads to a less friendly, pragmatic environment. However, health care providers are expected to care for their patients and be especially sensitive to their families within the setting. It is therefore expected of them to go beyond methodical provision of caring, including spiritual practices.
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
The 5Ks and long hair that form a crucial part of a Sikhs’ life should be worn by patients out of grave danger in the course of their treatment. In view of Baha’i religion, morality, simplicity, positive thinking and positive thinking are key. This means that the caregivers are given the liberty on how to deal with the patient as long as the procedure is aimed at treating the patient.
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Health Care Provider Faith and Diversity
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
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Health care provider and faith diversity
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
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