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Assignment 2: Develop a matrix showing keyword searches by database and the number of hits by keyword and source. My research for this study was done on the database of EBSCO Discovery Science. Selected key words are typed at the search bar and a number of hits come up.


The following matrix illustrates the keyword searches I’ve done for the related topics for this study. From the available articles, I selected the ones I believed would be relevant to my research. Key Words Number of Hits for Sources that are Full Text/ Peer-Reviewed/Published from 2000-2012 Deinstitutionalization 10135 Elderly with mental illness 106,392 Nurse practitioner services 149,251 Health Promotion Models 308,352 Collaborative Care 290,590 Holistic Health Care 96,415 Mental Health 1,508,498 Recovery & Wellness 12,828 Assignment 3: Annotated bibliography of references on the topic of interest Ewles L, Simnett I., 2005, Promoting Health - a practical guide. Balliere Tindall: Edinburgh This book discusses a health promotion program that addresses all possible areas that could affect the health of an individual. ...
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