Professional Nursing Risk Reductin Stategies to Prevent Medical Errors

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Professional risk reduction strategies Name Institution Professional risk reduction strategies JCAHO National patient Safety Goals is the accredited organization aimed at addressing specific areas on safety of patients. Therefore, the organization has six National Patient Safety Goals which apply to all accredited hospitals in US.


However, the two goals are faced by several challenges which inhibit validity of the goals. Home care is one of the major goals of NSGP and is very vital in reducing medical errors. First, home care help improve the accuracy in identifying patients. During identification process, one has to accomplish some actions that will reduce errors in administering medication. For instance, one has to use not less than two patient identifiers during the specimen collection process and should label containers with the specimen in the presence of the patient. When one ensures that these actions are accomplished, home care can easily be realized. Thereby, the initial visit recommends that the caregiver or the patient state the correct date of birth and name of the patient. This will help in getting the correct address and one can give an alternative address. In case the patient is well known to the clinician, confirmed address and facial recognition are the acceptable identifiers (Coburn et al, 2004). In practice setting, medical errors are common in different stages of treatment and diagnosis. Furthermore, home care goal is essential as it maintains and communicates accurate patient medication details. ...
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