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Low Birth Weight and Preterm Birth

The impacts of child low birth weight and preterm birth are spread across the affected families and national health care departments as a whole. A mother who gives birth to a low weight child may, in most occasions, get anxious about the fate of the new born. A prolonged anxiety may lead to depression of the mother. She also has to provide extra care to the young baby as it deserves. If the premature baby is not well taken care of, it may suffer long-term effects such as neurological disorders, cerebral palsy and breathing complications. The family will have to spend a lot of money in the care of the premature baby. Most of such babies have to spend several days in hospitals as they mature under special care.This might be costly to the family. Socially, the couples might not be able to maintain a healthy relationship due to emotional and economical constraints. ...
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Cultural and ethnic disparities usually lead to child low birth weight and, in some instances, preterm births. In communities where there is no adequate health education and awareness, expectant mothers may be engaged in prenatal malpractices such as drug abuse and poor clinic attendance…
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