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Explain the three different models for comparative analysis of health care systems. Discuss the significance for nurses to have - Essay Example

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Models of Comparative Healthcare Analysis Author Institution Models of Comparative Healthcare Analysis Introduction Healthcare system refers to the organization of institutions, resources and people to deliver services of healthcare and respond to health needs of target populations…

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Explain the three different models for comparative analysis of health care systems. Discuss the significance for nurses to have

The planning of health system can be distributed among the participants of the market, but in other cases, the efforts of health system are concerted among such key players as religious bodies, NGOs, governments and trade unions. The efforts of health provision are utilized to deliver healthcare services that are planned to the citizens. Healthcare systems have evolved from basic services to sophisticated forms of health services, which are provided to people with regard to their needs. With this effect, this brief overview will analyze three comparative models of the healthcare system. Further, the text will highlight the significance of understanding the different models to a professional nurse. Models of healthcare analysis Each nation has devised its own health care system, which is adopted to provide for health needs of the citizens. Different countries devise different models, which they follow to attain the chief objectives of the healthcare system that include protection of families and individuals from financial exploitation and ruin through healthcare bills, treatment and care of the sick people and keeping individuals healthy (Paranjape & Sadanad, 2010). It is not necessary to study the variations and health systems that exist in every nation, as the arrangements for health care provision seem to follow a similar pattern. ...
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