Pharmacology in nursing-Psychiatric disorder

Pharmacology in nursing-Psychiatric disorder Assignment example
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Pharmacology in Nursing-Psychosis and Depression Treatment Name:  Institution:       Abstract Psychosis and depression are two conditions commonly treated through the use of pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic approaches. Psychosis is a mind condition that leads to a “loss of touch with reality” whereas, depression is a mood disorder.


On the other hand, FGAs have less efficiency and adverse side-effects characterized by extrapyramidal side-effects. In spite of their efficiency, SGAs also have their own side-effects such as weight gain and the ability to increase vulnerability to diabetes. As such, treatment of depression and psychosis requires careful consideration of various factors, such as age, pre-existent conditions, and polypharmacy among many other factors before making a choice of the treatment drug. In addition to making a choice on the antipsychotics applicable, medical practitioners also have to consider the possibility of incorporating non-pharmacologic approaches such as psychotherapy for youth with difficult-to-treat depression. Additionally, issues of patients using herbal medications, such as St. John’s Wort, have to be advised appropriately to avert potential harm and side-effects from polypharmacy. This paper critically reviews the use of antipsychotics in the treatment of psychosis and depression. It also briefly highlights the use of psychotherapy and alternative medicine-St. John’s Wort. ...
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