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Healthcare Systems around the Globe: USA and Norway Valerie Blemur Florida International University NUR 4667 – Nursing in Global Health System October 8, 2012 Healthcare Systems around the Globe: USA and Norway Each and every country should be able to develop a working healthcare system.


Healthcare systems around the world have undergone rapid transformation as a result of new technological advances in healthcare management, new medications and procedures. There have also been gains made in the healthcare systems for a number of reasons. For instance, improvements in public health and sanitation and better public health education on risk factors have been the primary reasons for an improved and healthy society. Norway has one of the most well developed healthcare systems in the world (OECD, 2012). Compared to the United States, OECD (2012) reports that Norway has an all inclusive state healthcare system that is universal to all and not discriminatory. It is also not complex in terms of the financing and the administration of the entire healthcare system. Norwegians have better access to healthcare personnel and facilities as compared to Americans. Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison between U.S. and Norway The U.S. has varying statistics in regards to the healthcare system that clearly shows that most Americans are still unable to access even the most basic of health care (OECD, 2012). According to OECD (2012), in 2010 the percentage of Americans without health insurance coverage was 16.3%, representing 49.9 million uninsured people. ...
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