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Cultural Diversity in Nursing Abstract: With the increasing populations in different countries across the world, there are diversified people who exist and are in need for treatments and care on a regular basis. In the health departments, it is the general responsibility of the nurses to take care of patients.


This involves the nurses having proper knowledge of the wide variety of cultures and beliefs and values and understanding how the needs and demands of these people may be responded. This particular study brings into focus an understanding of such cultural differences and the probable solutions that the nursing practices try to incorporate in order to treat and care for the patients well. Introduction: Cultural competency or the issue of diversity in culture is a significant part of the nursing profession. Over the recent years, there has been an increase in the mobility of people across the world. The population consisting of patients is diverse in terms of their cultures and ethics (Cultural Diversity in Nursing Practice, 1991). Cultural Diversities in Nursing and the Behaviors of the Nurses: For several years, cultural diversity among patients has been recognized by nurses taking care of them. These have also led the nursing practices to determine ways to respond to the varying needs of the patients. This includes the nurses having proper knowledge of the different demands that people from different cultures have and expect from the nurses. In order to treat them well, the nurses need to respect such differences. ...
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