Research Paper sample - the purpose is to investigate safeguards and apply ethicl principles to the use health care technology

the purpose is to investigate safeguards and apply ethicl principles to the use health care technology Research Paper example
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Use of Quick Response Codes in Healthcare Name: Institution: USE OF QUICK RESPONSE CODES IN HEALTHCARE Quick Response codes are 2 dimensional barcodes designed for reading by smart phones. The information that is found encoded within the Quick Response code could be calendar items, text messages, emails or URLs…


The QR code itself stores a lot of information that is easily scanned as well as stored on a mobile device. Many health care facilities have now started to adopt this code for service delivery and provision of information to their clients. These codes have both merits and demerits. This paper seeks to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of these codes in order to make an informed decision regarding their use in healthcare facilities. Quick response codes have recently become an increasingly notable and popular way to interact with healthcare consumers. They improve the client experience allowing the facility to share information with them. SSM healthcare has recently instituted a new initiative over the past few months (Waters, 2012). The project “Experience Exceptional: Our People” was launched in order to share SSM’s healthcare staff with the hospital’s community of clients. By developing this site, SSM healthcare has created a two-minute clip for the introduction of their staff to make the community better acquainted with their doctors and nurses. In order to increase viewership of these introduction clips, the facility has placed Quick Response codes in its magazine. ...
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The purpose of this assignment is to investigate safeguards and apply ethical principles to the use health care technology.
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