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Critiqing a research article / using MCMASTER framework

sment of literature concerning quality care demonstrates that nurses do not often get involved in the development or definition of improvement initiatives intended for quality of care.
The main aim of the study was to report the meaning of quality nursing care for practicing nurses since quality of healthcare increasingly remains to be at the centre of criticism and argument. Regardless of the fact that quality healthcare is important to the outcome of patients as well as their safety, significant improvements have not been seen. According to the abstract for this study, an assessment of literature concerned with quality of care reveals that practicing nurses get involved in the development or definition of improvement initiatives meant for quality of healthcare. Based on this the study was developed with the main grounds being that quality of nursing must be significant to nurses and that revealing the nurses’ meaning of quality nursing care may lead to more efficient improvement approaches. These justifications for caring out the study at hand were made clear and were compelling enough to go on with the study.
The study was based on the hermeneutic phenomenological approach to research involving human sciences by van Manen (1990), and was designed to reveal the actual meaning of pragmatic experiences. Hermeneutic phenomenology is a qualitative approach to research that was developed from phenomenological philosophy, which is a branch of continental philosophy (Friesen, Henriksson and Saevi, 2012, p. 169). The fundamental principle of hermeneutic phenomenology is that the most simple and basic experiences of man concerning the world are already laden with meaning (Frost, 2011, p. 46). This means that man in involved in his world and immediately experiences the world as being meaningful since the world, along with other people, culture and events, precedes any intentions on the part of an individual to appreciate and develop an explanation. The main purpose of ...
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The report on Quality of nursing care in the words of nurses entails published data in the Journal of Advanced Nursing and based on a study in the United States, the paper is a report of a study concerning the meaning of quality nursing care as far as practising nurses are…
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