Synopsis on a case study of colorectal cancer

Synopsis on a case study of colorectal cancer Essay example
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Synopsis on a Case Study of Colorectal Cancer Table of Contents Introduction to John’s Case Study 3 Reduce Risk 4 Find the Condition Early 5 Have the Best Treatment and Support during Active Treatment 6 Have the Best Treatment and Support Between and After Active Treatment 7 Conclusion 8 8 References 9 Introduction to John’s Case Study John is a 62 year old male and is suffering from a syndrome called ‘colorectal cancer’.


His wife, Carol forced him to get a medical test done concerning the syndrome to which John initially refused (Cancer Australia, 2012). However, after getting the report of the medical test, John and his wife Carol learnt that he was suffering from colorectal cancer. John was appalled with the diagnosis as he was completely unprepared for such a result. A doctor suggested him a surgeon who particularly dealt with such kind of diseases and offered hope towards fighting and surviving this grave disease. The surgeon explained the procedure of treatment and therapy that John needed to undergo before and after the surgery. After performing a surgery, the physician discussed about the treatments in relation to the disease from which John was suffering. The physician broke the news to John that he was gravely affected with high level of cancer in his abdominal. John undertook several tests to determine the accuracy of the statement made by the physician and found it to be true (Australian Government Cancer Australia, 2012). ...
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