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Discussion Question Name Institution Cancer is among the most dreaded diseases in the world. It tops the list of global fatality causes accounting for approximately 7.6 million deaths each year according to International Agency for Research on Cancer 2008 estimates.


However, given that one third of cancer cases can be traced to lifestyle, some cases can actually be prevented through adoption of healthy behavioural and dietary habits. To this end, the global health agencies have embarked on a sensetization campaign aimed at reducing cancer deaths by 8 million within a decade. Although numerous studies have been conducted to establish the real cause of cancer, none has given a definitive answer to this problem. Several factors both genetic and environmental are pointed out as likely causes. However, it is important to note that less than 9% of cancer cases are as a result of inheritance. Most cases are due to mutation of oncogenes caused by environmental elements such as cigarettes, alcohol, radiations and chemicals. In this regard, cancer is defined as a disease caused by uncontrolled growth and multiplication of body cells (Raymond, 2007). Through cell division and growth, the body is able to produce more cells needed for healthy existence. However, in some instances, the abnormal cell division and growth occurs leading to production of many cells some of which are not needed by the body. These extra cells gather to form either benign or malignant tumor. However, a benign tumor does not pose health risk because they do not move to other parts of the body. In the contrary malign tumors also known as cancerous cells multiply and damage neighboring tissues. ...
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