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My Nursing Philosophy Name Course Tutor’s Name Date My Nursing Philosophy Establishing a personal nursing philosophy entails contemplating on ones beliefs, values, as well as principles on matter pertaining to the nursing practice. For me to develop my nursing practice, I contemplated on what nursing means to me as well as factors that guide my nursing practice.


Developing a personal nursing philosophy required me to reflect on my assumptions about nursing and compare them with the facts I had learned, particularly from the different philosophers accredited for developing different concepts that shaped nursing practices. Nursing practices entails giving patient-centered care and maintaining the different ethics that guide nurses in their practice. My nursing philosophy is based on my experiences, nursing education, principles, and theories that guide nursing, as well as my goals as a nurse. It addresses the aspects surrounding nursing practice, which include the society, environment, the patient of recipient of nursing care, health, and nursing care. I have always been compassionate about giving professional caring towards patients. For me, nursing is not just about me as the nurse and the patient, it comprise the patients family and the society. This is because of the roles that may pray in preventing occurrence of certain diseases as well as their contribution in enhancing healing of patients. Additionally, they are an important source of information regarding patients and other health related problems. The American Nurses Association definition of nursing (2004, p. ...
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