Impact of Income and Social Status on Health.

Impact of Income and Social Status on Health. Essay example
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Exploring the various aspects of health requires a deeper insight into the relationship between health and income across the categories of culture, gender, type of lifestyle, and other variables that affect the status of health (Skolnik, 2008).


Studies have shown that there are no clear lines in the operation of these variables because they cut across certain universal truths. For instance, lifestyle diseases have demonstrated prevalence across the income and age divides in recent times (Skolnik, 2008; Mirowsky & Ross, 2003). Therefore, the effect of income and social status on health should be determined from an aggregate of factors that work in the modern society.
Income and Social Status
Health is significantly reliant on the variables of income and social status. Naturally, high-income status and socio-economic status play a positive role on matters of health. Individuals and groups placed at higher income levels and socioeconomic status have a wider choice when it comes to matters of health (Mirowsky & Ross, 2003). On the other hand, individuals with low-income levels and socioeconomic status could be more vulnerable to some of the common challenges that attend to the subject of health. Similarly, richer countries that manifest high levels of per-capita income are more likely to engage health challenges than poor countries.
However, a range of studies has reinforced the fact that populations in both rich and poor countries are not homogenous (Riegelman, 2009). Categories within these populations will manifest different levels of capacities to engage with health challenges. As a result, it becomes necessary to determine the kind of issues that affect various sections of populations basing purely on the variable of income and social status. ...
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