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The Clinical Practice Council - Essay Example

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According to the observation of both groups, it has been identified that each of the groups are involved and associated with certain number of members in order to acquire an effective study of providing healthcare services…

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The Clinical Practice Council

The Clinical Practice Council

In keeping with the present increasing development in the healthcare service of the modern healthcare institutions, it becomes more essential to develop the operations as well as to exploit advanced methods to provide an ultimate satisfaction to each patient.
With regard to the responsibilities and services of these two groups, this paper intends to briefly describe the main groups’ functions and the roles of their leaders. Moreover, the paper will also focus on describing decision making process and identifying roles and responsibilities that are observed among the members of each group. In addition, the different roles of each individual member in each group have also been highlighted within the discussion. Purpose of Each Group The Clinical Practice Council focuses on providing evidence-based practice in clinical nursing activities in order to implement an advanced nursing practice for each client within the organization. The support group considerably engages to maintain an advanced clinical nursing practice as well as reliable patient care programs in keeping with American Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Practice. In contrast, A.A. is a relatively small support group which focuses on practising various effective ways preventing alcohol addiction. The group is a worldwide fellowship of men and women which is structured with around 25 members. ...
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