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Different sections of the brain get affected by alcohol at dissimilar levels thereby creating alternative periods of restiveness and stupor. Alcohol has long-term consequences on the central nervous system that comprise of tolerance, irreversible damage and dependency (Pedro & Eric, 2011). Changes in alcohol tolerance, as well as the dependency of an alcoholic drinker on alcohol, is an illustration that changes take place in the brain. The brain happens to be the organ mostly affected by alcohol, and confirms that it is getting damaged by the behavior of the drinker, together with his emotional distress (Obembe, 2012). There are three visible effects of alcohol injury in the brain, which include memory loss, augmentation and confusion. The drinker's swift mood swings, along with the emotional and behavioral volatility can be controlled by stopping drinking (Lake, 2006). Loss of memory or blackouts during drinking happens to be alcohol’s physical effect on the brain; this occurs when alcohol cuts off oxygen supply oxygen into the brain. Apparently, lack of oxygen supply into the brain is capable of killing the majority of brain cells each time a person gets intoxicated (Johnson, 2010). ...
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Integrating Clinical Issues Name Institution Question 1 Unlike other foods, alcohol does not get digested; rather than getting converted and moved into cells and tissues, it evades the ordinary digestive process thereby going directly into the blood stream (Pedro & Eric, 2011)…
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