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Hourly rounding

Quality care keeps the patient fully informed, allows the patient to retain control through active participation. Hourly nursing rounds allow nurses to provide scheduled treatments and interventions. This provides proactive patient care compared to reactive care when nurses respond to bells and lights (Dutton, 2003). During hourly shifts, incoming nurses introduce themselves to patients and define the time period they will be attending to the patient (Miller, 1997). This helps create a nurse-patient relationship that is necessary when providing satisfactory intervention (Ford, 2010). During each hourly visit, the nurse provides assistance such as visiting the bathroom, conducts repositioning to ensure the patient is comfortable and provides appropriate intervention such as ensuring the patient is not in pain (Halm, 2003). The patient gets the chance to request for anything else that the nurse can do or provide. Hourly rounds decrease patient falls, increase patient satisfaction and decrease the number of call lights. Hourly care helps reduce decubitus ulcers when patients are repositioned frequently (Meade, Bursell and Ketelsen, 2006). ...
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Hourly Nursing Rounds Name Institution Tutor Date Hourly Nursing Rounds Introduction Hospital ratings and rankings are becoming accessible to the public and nursing care providers are shifting their attention to patient satisfaction. Patients who receive quality care provide high ratings and there is likelihood of returning to the hospital (Bourgault, King, Hart, Campbell and Swartz, 2008)…
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