effective physical activity and diet to avoid weight gain during pregnency

effective physical activity and diet to avoid weight gain during pregnency Literature review example
Literature review
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Effective Physical Activity and Diet to Avoid Weight Gain during Pregnancy Instructor University Name October 15, 2012 Introduction Scientific studies and research are important in determining the role that physical activity along with diet and diet modifications play in many physiological conditions, including pregnancy.


Literature Review Incidence of obesity and an excessive amount of weight gain during pregnancy have been shown to be a major factor in adverse effects for both delivering mothers and newborn infants. Other variables impacting pregnancy weight gain were found to be those common behaviors that affect weight status such as nutrition, physical activity and smoking cigarettes (Weisman, Hilliemeier, Chuang, & Dyer.2010, p 127). Healthier behaviors found to be associated with weight gain that falls within the Institute of Medicine’s guidelines were increased physical activity, the inclusion of more vegetables in the expectant mothers’ diet and non smoking. One study concluded that energy intake was comparable during pregnancy to that of other populations. Overweight pregnant women were shown to have a higher energy intake from fats and a lower energy intake from carbohydrates. Pregnant woman consuming 3 or more serving of vegetables or fruits per day gained 0.8 kg’s less than those whose dietary intake did not include these amounts (Guelinckx, Devlieger, Mullie,, & Vansant, 2010). ...
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