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Conversation with theorists - Essay Example


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Conversation with theorists

Albert Bandura is a cognitive therapist and Carl Rogers is a humanistic therapist. Hildegard Peplau would fight for an opportunity of nurse-patient communication approach. This approach is very attractive for me, since in nursing it is very important to bridge a gap in the communication between a patient and a nurse. It is easier for a patient to share his hallucinations and delusions with someone in the context his usual social environment. Bandura would surely argue that influence of the environment on a person is evident and behavior can influence environment too (Bandura 2002). This mutual dependence can be surely illustrated by the example of patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Actually, patients with this diagnosis would be considered by Bandura with respect to three different factors: environment, behavior, and internal psychological processes of a person. Supposedly, Mr. Peplau would ask: “Hey, Bandura, what is more important behavior or language of a patient with the diagnosis of schizophrenia?” The latter would think a little and then say: “Both of them, of course! Language is the reflection of his thoughts, his mind. It is possible to understand the essence of language by penetrating in the imagery secrets of it.” And here comes Carl Rogers! “Dear Sirs! Don’t worry, be happy and your patients will be happy too! The only key to a successful treatment of schizophrenia or any other type of a mental disorder is an unconditional positive regard and empathy of a doctor. ” Now,

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let me interfere and say: “Wait, please, my dear great minded interlocutors! I would claim that you are thinking about a person with schizophrenia in unreal context. It is better to be more practical and consider a current mental condition of a patient.” I would take my chance and strongly agree with Rogers and his claim that it is relevant to refer to a patient in a real time, with a great likeness and understanding. During psychotherapy hours a specialist is focused on particular symptoms of his patient and it is better to know how he is behaving at a given moment. Bandura is focused on imagery and language and I think that is easy for him to focus more on observation and learning. Bandura would say: “Humans are agents and it is relevant to implement different practices in the process of patient’s cure”. Different conditions are influential and every man is captured under the influence of external factors. Still, there is no doubt that behavior of a person gives him out at once. For Bandura it is evident that a patient with schizophrenia is not responsible for his actions. Of course, Rogers would hardly support such kind of a passive and observational manner of treatment (Thorne, 1992). He is more a proactive therapist and the one, who has an ability to inspire his patients. Peplau is more practical too and during this dinner these two theorists would move towards each other in their mutual understanding for sure, because of their proactive actions (Taylor&Lillis, 2001). Peplau: “Mr. Bandura, if actions are dominant, why your so-called human agents cannot take control over schizophrenia?” Bandura would respond for sure: “Unfortunately, human mind cannot cope with a chemical reaction leading to schizophrenia. Human actions are lost in vain…but no one can hide words or images, which are hidden behind the words”. Rogers would respond: “my dear, both of you are not right. You took a wrong way to


Dinner Well, my dear friends! I am fascinated by having a chance to communicate with you. Schizophrenia is a mental illness and it is very difficult for nurses to take care about the patients with this diagnosis. Anyway, it is interesting for me to penetrate in the depths of this illness and find out the reasons triggering it…
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Conversation with theorists essay example
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