Organizational Change Plan - Part II

Organizational Change Plan - Part II Essay example
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Organizational change plan- part II Name: University: Abstract: Electronic medical record (EMR) systems offer opportunities for managing clinical and medical data in ways that aim at improving patient health care. Some benefits of implementing electronic medical records include improved work flow efficiency, reduction in the medical errors and enhancement of patient satisfaction.


Some of the metrics that can be used to monitor the implementation process include the transformation of work processes through improved access to patient data and communication in the organization. The systems should provide the required transaction information. Some of the success factors for EMR implementation include the clarity of vision, the stakeholder commitment level, the effectiveness of change management teams, the leadership capability, the change communication strategies and the alignment of the EMR change management with the organizational culture. Organizational change plan- part II Introduction Electronic Medical records consist of several software applications that are integrated to input, store and output patient medical data and information (Rodrigues, 2010). EMR include the physician order entry, integrated communication systems with laboratories, decision support systems, and data entry systems. EMR increase efficiency of information access and enable standardization of the medical information documentation (Carter, 2008). Physicians can easily access and review huge volumes of patient data on previous disease history, allergies, laboratory tests and medication administered. ...
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