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Approach for Cancer Care Name Institution Date Cancer is a condition, which occurs when body cells undergo uncontrolled multiplication. There are two types of cancers benign cancer and malignant cancer. Benign cancers are harmless cancers that do not affect the health of an individual.


There are various causes of cancers, which include radiation, environmental toxins such as aflatoxins, viruses, excessive alcohol consumption, chemicals such as benzene, excessive exposure to sunlight and genetic abnormalities (Wen, Schiff, & Quant, 2012). Cancers can develop on different organs or tissues. The commonest types of cancers include lung cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer. Other types of cancer include brain cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Cancers have different symptoms depending on the type and the location affected. Some cancers do not present any symptoms in the early stages until the later stages of the disease. Diagnosis of Cancer Diagnosis of cancer depends on location and size of the cancer. A CT scan usually locates these tumors and determines the size of the tumors. The most used method of diagnosis for most cancers is biopsy. The type of biopsy also depends on the extent of cancer. It can be a simple operation or a serious one. Cancer symptoms and screening can also help diagnose cancers. However, they do not give a definitive diagnosis. The commonest cancer symptoms include chills, malaise, fever, fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss, night sweats, chest pains, coughing, and blood in stools. ...
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