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The presence of such awards represents me as a student as well as a learner.
My professional involvement in different nursing programs and activities are also found in the portfolio. This is an indication that I am a nursing professional as any professional must be involved in different nursing programs. My portfolio also has thank you cards from the managers, colleagues and patients. This is a typical representation of a nursing professional. The use of academic papers as evidence of subject is important in term of representing me as a learner.
It is also possible to understand my professional strengths through the analysis of the professional artifacts. It has all the information about my membership in different professional organizations. All the academic achievements are also found in the portfolio which is a representation of the professional strengths. My Nursing philosophy as well as the professional nursing statement is present on the portfolio and hence highlighting the major professional strengths.
During the progression of my program, I was faced with different challenges. Balancing the time for the program and family issues was a challenge. This is considering that the family issues required a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, there were challenges in terms of support from the other stakeholders and colleagues. Time management during the program was a challenge as the program was detailed and yet the time was not enough. It is also important to note that some of the challenges were also from the external sources. All the challenges had negative important on the program and it lead to personal frustrations at times.
The challenges were overcome by dividing the time for the program and the family. The family was allocated 4-6 hours while the program was allocated about 8 hours. A lot of family time was scarified in order to meet the demands of the program. On the other hand, the faculty was approached for support. This is ...
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It clearly provides information of about the academic aspects of my progress which is a representation of a learner. The program outcomes can also be found in the portfolio which…
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