Discussion Paper : horizontal bullying in nursing

Discussion Paper : horizontal bullying in nursing Essay example
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Horizontal Bullying Name University Horizontal Bullying Introduction A thorough research represents various violent activities taking place in nursing workplace, these include: horizontal bullying, verbal and non verbal attacks, violence that is horizontal and lateral in nature and anger.


For example: in he case of nursing, horizontal bullying is referred to as one nurse treating another nurse in a violent manner. Bullying can be verbal in nature; this takes place when the receiver of a message interprets the message to be harsh and aggressive in nature. Ample amount of research has been conducted in the field of nursing in the nation of Australia regarding the subject of violence and bullying, researchers in these nations denotes workplace aggression with the term bullying (Johnson, 2009). The term bullying comprises of three elements, firstly an act is referred to as bullying in nature only when the person being treated feels that the act was bullying like and the act does not depends on the intention of the person who has conducted the act. Secondly, if an act needs to be referred to as bullying, it should negatively impact the victim. Lastly, an act is regarded as bullying when the same act is continuously carried out even knowing that the act is negative affecting the victim. Bullying can arise at different levels such as the supervisor, the subordinates or coworkers can all indulge in the act of bullying. ...
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