An evaluation of the planning and delivery of nursing care. Acute management of patient with NSTEMI.

An evaluation of the planning and delivery of nursing care. Acute management of patient with NSTEMI. Essay example
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Chest pain is a very wide complaint that can be pointing to several diseases other than cardiac in origin. The reason why there is a need to evaluate patients presenting with chest pain in any situation is that for health care providers to assess at once the possibility of the patient having a heart attack that is a life threatening condition


In the United States, every year, approximately 5.3 million patients present to the ED with chest discomfort and related symptoms and nearly about 1.4 individuals are hospitalized for unstable angina and Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI) (Cannon & O’Gara 2006). On the same context, in 2000 it was estimated that 1.4 million people in England suffer from angina. 300,000 of which have heart attacks, and it is estimated that more than 110,000 die every year. Although much has improved in terms of treatment and modalities when it comes to cardiac problems and the mortality from cardiovascular causes has declined still the numbers that hit the scale will always remain as a basis for improving programs against coronary artery disease and myocardial infarctions (The National Clinical Guideline Centre 2010).
However, the number of people admitted with NSTEMI ACS has shown less of a decline and the management of these conditions remains a high priority (The National Clinical Guideline Centre 2010).
The healthcare delivery system is designed to address the growing health problems of the population is a systematic procedure and nurses play an important role on the lead in the promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of health of people. In the concept of this paper the role of the nurse will be given much focus as an evaluative tool in the planning and the delivery of nursing care to NSTEMI patients from the perceived onset, the course of the disease and the rehabilitative phase. With this Nurses’ play an important role as health guide that improve the totality of patient outcome for better prognosis and continuous recovery. ...
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