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Include rational and references, use APA format while citing references 1. What additional information do you think is needed? List them in bullet format: (5%) Vital signs Volume, quality, quantity of diarrhea Contents and names of herbal medication Any hx of back pain, unusual changes or pain Patient diet History of smoking (smoking has protective effect but NOT encouraged) Hx of previous colonoscopy Previous abdominal pain If any bleeding from other sites Any epigastric pain Recent fever Jaundice LMP Platelets problems How often and for how long is she taking ASA 2.


(20%) 1) The first differential diagnosis is ulcerative colitis. The data that supports this diagnosis includes bloody diarrhea, anemia, weight loss, insidious onset, arthritis (painful knee joints), rash (erythema nodosum), abdominal pain, and tachycardia/palpitations. Also, the peak age is between 14 and 40. Furthermore, the mother has hx of stomach problems (usually family hx), and the presence of white blood cells in stool indicates an inflammatory disease, which is possibly ulcerative colitis. The lab/diagnostic tests I will need to rule in or out ulcerative colitis are Esr, in which the CRP sedimentation rate is elevated (and is expected to be elevated); CDC - anemia/leukocytosis; hypokalemia; sigmoidoscopy if inflammation is present; x-ray of knee; and rheumatoid factors/pANCA. An endoscopy and biopsy can also be used, which would allow an entire view of the colon using a thin, flexible lighted tube with an attached camera. During the procedure, small samples of tissue (biopsy) can also be taken for laboratory analysis. ...
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