Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques on Chronic Pain in Cancer Patients

Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques on Chronic Pain in Cancer Patients Dissertation example
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Systematic Review Protocol Main Title A Systematic Review of the Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques in Chronic Pain in Cancer Patients. Review group Section Protocol Author (s) Month/year of publication November 2012 Contact details Institutional base Advisory group Conflict of interest (if any) Acknowledgements 1.


These reviews are complemented by meta-analyses which consider data across independent studies. Pain in cancer patients is a result of toxicities from chemotherapy and radiation coupled with infections. Available pharmacological drugs regimes are commonly used to relieve pain in cancer patients and they include non-opioids, opioids and agonist analgesics. As pharmacological drugs become ineffective in relieving cancer pain, attention is shifting towards non-pharmacological pain relief intervention (NPPRI). However, studies relating to methods of pain relief in cancer patients using alternative methods of pain relief, other than pharmacological-based methods, are inconclusive on the effect of relaxation towards alleviating pain. In view of the fact that pharmacological methods use is prominent among cancer patients, these drugs expose them to serious side effects such as loss of effectiveness with time or even inadequate pain relief among other side effects. NPPRIs are complementary pain management approaches and they include cutaneous stimulation such as massages, transcutaneous electrical stimulation and cognitive behavioral methods such as relaxation techniques. Muscle tension is minimized through relaxation techniques as they create powerful distractions. ...
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