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Malpractice: Failure to assess and document Outline Page Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Malpractice: Understanding the concept 3 Case Study: failure to assess and document 4 Risk management and Recommendation 6 Abstract Malpractice has been an issue since legal revolution took place that has brought dilemma to the health care profession both nursing and medical alike.


Legal issues governing the medical malpractice law already way out of the field of health care and one has to have a good legal counsel to prove the actions made to be acted upon good faith under the scope of health care profession. Malpractice: Failure to assess and document Introduction: The world has evolved into a large pit of legalities, where every action has a legal implication if done mischievously. This in turn as a person have reinforced the right to the best health care possible but as a health care professional emotions are wired not because of fear that the author will personally be mitigated upon but the author speaks for the rest of the nursing professionals who understand that biologically speaking some things may get out of people’s hands and worst out of people’s understanding. But legality tells it otherwise that every person is held legally accountable despite clarity of one’s conscience and the ability to pay legal proceedings, for the sake of legality and the truth legal proceeding is a must and health care professionals are required to maintain professional liability insurance to offset the risk and costs of lawsuits based brought by litigations of medical malpractice. ...
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