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Ethical Foundations and Moral Reasoning Author Institution Ethical Foundations and Moral Reasoning Today’s era of nursing practice offers great autonomy for the nurses unlike the former years where nursing practice are dependent of the physician’s decision on most times.


From basic nursing care to the advance and critical nursing practices, to researches and home care system, every procedure to be carried out must be done with utmost understanding of the procedure itself and its implications for both the patient and the nurse practitioner. Butts and Rich (2012) stated in their book Nursing Ethics: Across the Curriculum and Into Practice that “Rules and theories matter little without the formation of good character” and believed that nurses are faced with ethical issues every single day. They added that imbibing textbooks ethics serves as a sturdy foundation for nurses to develop practical wisdom and virtuous character in practice. Assessment is the initial step in every nursing procedure therefore it is vital to first determine the nurse’s understanding of what ethical issue really means. A lot of people misunderstood ethics as mere observance of social norms, religious beliefs or the law instead of it being an impartial concept of its own (Paul and Elder, 2006). It may be understood as a moral principle of a specific individual, group, or custom and other author allows its usage to be interchangeable with “morality” (Deigh, 1995). ...
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