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Home Visit Name Professor Institution Course Date Assessing Sallie’s case study, there are four vital healthcare issues that ought to be addressed. The discharge done for Sallie needs to be checked properly, because the healthcare problems found included; Sallie lives alone, she needs constant care and maintenance.


Another healthcare problem is lack of medication management. Sallie’s medications are scattered all over the table. She needs to be educated on how to use the medication without any form of confusion. Moreover, she has no one around to ensure the medications are well managed and that she takes them with utmost faith. When the doctor asked Sallie about the oxygen concentrator that was to be installed in her house, she answered that she does not need the oxygen concentrator. This is another health problem. Sallie is sick, she has no power to make decisions that will affect her health. Sallie has a cardio-pulmonary problem that is why the doctor asked why the oxygen concentrator was missing, hence the people who were responsible for ensuring the oxygen concentrator was in place were wrong when they listened to Sallie when she told them she did not need it. The fourth healthcare problem is on the safety of the house. Since Sallie lives, alone we cannot be sure of how safe she is because when the doctor knocks she just responded the door was open without asking who was knocking. The following interventions can be made by a medical nurse to ensure the healthcare of Sallie is well taken care. ...
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