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Evidence-Based Practice Paper and Intervention Presentation on Diabetes (Benchmark Assessment) - Essay Example

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Evidence-Based Practice Paper and Intervention Presentation on Diabetes (Benchmark Assessment)

Primarily, DM diagnosis relies on the measurement of plasma glucose levels. This diagnostic mode is effective in detecting diabetics and pre-diabetics, but it does not offer a clear mode of assessing resultant complications, which often start in the vascular system. The diagnosis therefore, only tests tolerance to glucose, and not the associated risks such as the vascular risks (Pavri, 2001). The further assessment of risk may be necessary in monitoring the condition and administration of treatment, but it has not been available. However, a recent research by Zampetaki and others has led to the discovery of biomarkers that can be used in diagnosing and monitoring type II diabetes and its associated risk (Zampetaki et al., 2010). Description of Diagnostic Tool The new diagnostic tool uses microarray screening and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) processes to monitor MicroRNAs (miRNAs), which have been positively associated with the development of the condition and its progression. This new tool offers significant prognostic ability to predict and monitor type II DM. The miRNAs are small group of RNAs not involved in coding. They instead work as repressors in translation (Zampetaki et al., 2010). The miRNAs bind to complementing sites by base pairing on untranslated portions of the target mRNA. ...
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Diabetes’ New Diagnostic Tool Name:  Institution:       Diabetes Mellitus’ New Diagnostic Tool Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Diabetes is a condition characterized by hyperglycemia. The condition may present itself in three different forms including type I diabetes, type II diabetes and gestational diabetes…
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