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Nursing Research Paper Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction According to a recent study, pressure ulcers have with time became a threat to the health of the societal population. To be more specific; the pressure ulcers among patients with impaired mobility.


According to Aust (2011, p264), about 34% of the people on wheelchairs suffer from sitting discomfort; while more than half of wheelchair users have sitting interface pressure. Collins (2004, p53) argues that, pressure ulcers impose high risks of death, loss of function and poor quality of patient’s life. Treatment of the ulcers increases the health care cost of the patient. Pressure ulcers mainly occur as a result of damaged soft tissues. Scientifically, the tissues are mainly damaged due to unrelieved pressure built over a long time. Pressure ulcers could also be caused by the localized disruption of the skin integrity which results due to piled pressure on the underlying tissues. According to Borbasi and Jackson (2008, p16) pressure ulcers are preventable. Based on studies conducted by Bours (2002, p16); use of support surfaces, maintaining nutritional status, moisturizing, and timely repositioning is extremely essential in the prevention of this killer disease. In a scenario where one has the pressure ulcers, then the effective and efficient role of the nursing staff is of immense importance. This study paper seeks to determine the significance of the nursing staff knowledge and education in the preventing and taking care of the pressure ulcers among patients with impaired mobility. ...
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