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Nursing Theory Plan of Care Name Institution Nursing Theory Plan of Care Introduction Nursing theories are vital concepts that nursing students must be introduced to in order to broaden their definition of different schools of thought on nursing practices.


Various nursing models that have been provided for by Nursing Theories provide a frame of reference in all the healthcare institutions. There are numerous nursing models or theories with each having its essential but integral parts. Thus, each theory or model is applied differently and distinctively (Roussel and Swansburg, 2009). A valid nursing model must contain assessment procedure towards determining the individual needs of patients, as well as medication implementation procedures and measurement methods in healthcare provision. Most of the nursing models are capable of producing effective care plans towards documenting the patient’s treatment so that all other healthcare workers and professional who encounter such a patient will know the patient’s condition (Roussel and Swansburg, 2009). However, the care plan should be to allow daily evaluation and changes as the needs and ability of the patient may change. Notably, the care plans are often shaped by the nursing model or theories upon which the car plan was formulated. Thus, the nursing theories have a significant impact on the significant of the clinical practices. Dorothea Orem’s general theory is among the nursing theories that provide a fundamental framework that define nursing care practices that should be offered to patients (Meleis, 2011). ...
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