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According to the recommendation 4 of the health reforms, it is desired that by 2020, the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to have increased to 80 percent (Institute of Medicine) (2011). This is a 30 percent increase from 2010’s 50 percent. In addition to the attainment of the baccalaureate degree, the recommendation is also concerned with the diversity of those who attain it (Ibid 2011). IOM (Institute of Medicine) (2011) the essence of diversity of the nurses with the baccalaureate degree holders is to cater for the diverse population’s demands. Increasing my level of education will affect how I compete in the current job market in profoundly beneficial ways. Strong evidence has established a desirable “relationship between higher education for nurses and improved patient outcomes” (Ibid 2011). With regard to the requirements for entry-level practice, the expectations from the general public are that more people interested in nursing will pursue the baccalaureate degree (Ibid 2011). Therefore, settling down with a baccalaureate degree will not offer me a competitive advantage. In the business world, employers are being hired with preference to those with BSN and Higher degrees (Ibid 2011). My goal is to pursue a doctorate in nursing since unlike the baccalaureate degree this gives me the competitive advantage that I need in the current job market.
Institute of Medicine (2011) recommendation 5 pursues that by 2020, the number of nurses with a doctorate to have doubled. The multiplication of the current number of nurses is also closely associated with the catering for the diverse populations’ demands. Moreover, an increase in the number of nurses with a doctorate will contribute to the researcher of the nursing faculties. Pursuing a nursing course so far has opened up my mind to heightened interests in the field. Increasing my level of education is expected to substantially affect my role in ...
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According to Institute of Medicine (2011), in the United States context, time has brought forth substantial changes within the health care system and practice environments. In order to address these changes, the IMO devised a strategic plan whose outcomes would be most effective…
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