Nursing Practice. Roy Adaptation Model.

Nursing Practice. Roy Adaptation Model. Research Paper example
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Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM) can be categorized as one of the most constructive conceptual frameworks that direct nursing practice, research and influences education. RAM pursues the individual’s adaptation to changeable environment and guides the assessment of individual’s adaptation.


Adaptation is defined by RAM as the process and outcome, in which thinking and feeling of persons utilize conscious awareness to fashion integration between human perception and their environment. The paper explores the efficacy and application of Roy Adaptation Mode within the nursing practice. Roy Adaptation Model # 1a Summary of the Theory Roy’s adaptation model was advanced by Sr. Callista Roy and sums up as one of the broadly applied nursing models in nursing practice, education and research. The theory approaches nursing as the science that broadens adaptive abilities and promotes individual and environmental alteration. According to RAM, nursing goals pursue promotion of adaptation for persons and groups in four adaptive modes that contribute in the promotion of health, quality of life and dying with dignity (Clarke, Barone, Hanna & Senesac, 2011). Adaptation in this case is manifested by four interconnected modes of behavior: physiological, self-concept, role function and interdependence modes. RAM promotes nurse’s capabilities to enhance a person’s interaction with the environment to avail of an effective adaptation. According to RAM, an individual is described as an adaptive system capable of responding to diverse internal and external environment stimuli whether positively or negatively (Clarke, Barone, Hanna & Senesac, 2011). ...
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