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Nursing Name Institution Final Critique # 1 Health and wellness is a concept that requires utmost discipline and consideration of the type, mode and sources of food people consume. In regard to this article, it is evident that food takes the central place in the determination of the health status of an individual.


In that respect, the study needs to be taken through further analysis to establish all the issues surrounding this agenda. The young generation tends to copy a number of things from their immediate environment which vary from home to friends. The standing fact is that these young minds are still able to turn into any shape as far as feeding is concerned. It has been noted even in the current US community that the rate at which obesity is eating into the society is a raising concern, and this is all about the poor feeding lessons learnt from the older members of the society. It is this worrying trend in feeding behavior that is responsible for the raging global debate and writing of articles of such titles. Social order in the society has always been very significant in defining what is good or bad and food is not an exception. However, the elderly are barely interested and mostly uncooperative in giving sound reasons and even answering questions about this issue prompting the choice of kids who tend to air the mind as it is in good faith. Cultural beliefs have been identified as one of the greatest enemy of health as far as the definition of healthy against unhealthy foods is concerned. ...
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