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Reviews/ discussion Question wk 6

However, the main problem is the actual workload against the degree of urgency needed in the intensive care units ICU (Marrie, 2001). Qualified nursing personnel are also a variable that is important in this issue. The reason as to why this acute staff shortage is of significance relates to the amount of the attention given to patients and the subsequent quality health care. It is a fact that nursing as a profession is relatively demanding and the officers work even over time (Marrie, 2001). The effect of this is highly risky since a lower staff number is associated with poor workmanship especially in the course of delivering a service. For instance, when the health officers are overworked, there is the likelihood of making erroneous prescription to the patients. Besides, it has been found out that nurses have always mishandled the surgical instruments and even occasionally get pierced by them. This has the immediate effect of getting the nurses contracting some diseases and further weakening the aggregate workforce (Marrie, 2001). It is notable that this disease is treatable when mechanical ventilation is offered effectively and properly. ...
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Nursing Name Institution This paper seeks to delve into the role of nurse to patient ratios in regard to ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). This has been found to be one of the most prevalent respiratory problems across the world. To improve the health care sector, it should be noted that the level of involvement of the healthcare officers be improved to ensure that patients’ problems are given utmost attention (Marrie, 2001)…
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