Investigating Telehealth: Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, financial aspects, security concerns, and legal considerations.

Investigating Telehealth: Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, financial aspects, security concerns, and legal considerations. Essay example
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Investigating Telehealth Introduction The development of healthcare services has often been regarded as a major advantage for the people in order to acquire highly efficient and required medical facilities. In the context of increasing growth of modern healthcare services, it has been witnessed that a continuous implementation of technological advancements have been profoundly elevating the quality level of healthcare facilities…


Telehealth service of the modern healthcare organization can be characterized into two major applications such as, real-time communication and store-and-forward application when providing effective and efficient healthcare services to a wide range of customer groups across the different regions (U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, n.d.). With regard to technological advancement in the modern healthcare services, this paper intends to briefly discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of real-time communication, which is often regarded as a telehealth service in respect to provide effective healthcare services. Moreover, the paper will also aim to deliver financial aspects and evaluated security concern of real-time communication service of the modern organizations with its various legal considerations to offer advanced and extended healthcare benefits of telehealth services. ...
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