Nursing Leadership In global health care

Nursing Leadership In global health care Essay example
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Name Tutor Course College Date Nursing leadership is a combination of many features. For one to be a good nursing leader, he or she must have relevant administrative skills as well as the good personal traits. Talent is also very important in this field of nursing.


I relate to many leaders in my nursing field. Most of them have different ways in which they lead their teams depending on their personalities and the work experience they have in the nursing field. One of the leaders who I have interacted very well is my nurse leader. She has work for 10 years in this field and I believe she has the best experience. She has good leadership skills, something that makes her the best team leader. She is hardworking, a good communicator, responsible, confident, honest, good team player, good mentor, open minded, reliable resource, goal oriented and courageous. However, these attributes and behaviors can be considered either as positive or negative depending on when and how they are applied. I can say that my nursing leader is very flexible in her work. She can integrate new ideas to the team and how some measures can be taken to ensure that the best outputs are produced. This is a good show of how a good nursing leader should perform. Flexibility in nursing is encouraged because through this attribute, many researches are done and solutions for many nursing problems are identified (Barr & Dowding, 2012). New techniques and procedure are emerging due to this creativity in nursing field. These techniques and procedures are then used to replace the traditional ways of problem solving. ...
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