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Nursing Name University Nursing During the 21st century, the profession of nursing and the professionals face various challenges. There has been a continuous change on the environment of health care system and these changes have altered the continuum of practice of nurses.


One of the various changes experienced by the health care system is the change of continuum of care. Continuum of care refers to involvement of integration of various systems of care that assists patients from time to time through various means of services of health (Columbia University Medical Center, 2012). For example: in the past care was restricted to health care organizations and settings, but now health care providers are needed to provide services at different settings such as home and community centers. Now nurses are required to be culturally competent so they can deal with different patients coming from different cultural backgrounds and understand issues in the context of patient’s culture. The focus of health care systems used to be on helping patients get better, now the focus has shifted to disease prevention and individual well being. Accountability of the health care service providers have even changed. In the past, care providers were paid for their services on the basis of fee for each service. This promoted health care professionals to increase the number of services and they started focusing on quantity of service rather than quality of service. ...
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