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My Journey as a Nursing Student It goes without saying that it will take tremendous amount of dedication for one to be able to graduate any collegiate degree. Going into college is not an easy thing to do, not to mention finishing it. To say at the least that one will have to experience countless sleepless nights before he/she graduates is an understatement.


When you set a goal and you are determined to achieve it, nothing can stop you to get that goal. With proper motivation, going through the path of that goal would be easier; and motivation is something that one will have to inspire within himself/herself. Of course, discipline also plays a huge factor in every success. Finally, some useful additional tools to have with along the way are hunger for knowledge and willingness to learn. These are the things that would encapsulate my attitude towards achieving the objective of the BS Nursing program. They seem to be effective so far. A few months from now I will have finished my program of studies and graduate with flying colors. As I go along the way on the program, year after year, I was able to equip myself with several competencies that will definitely be useful when I finally embark on a professional career. Having learned these capabilities, I can say that I am now more ready as a soon-to-be nurse. First and foremost, I was able to hone my critical-thinking ability. Nurses are constantly exposed to multi-disciplinary tasks and hence they must have the ability to properly think of solutions in a very efficient manner. ...
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