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Name Professor Course Date Nursing Informatics How do the concepts of data- information-knowledge- Wisdom (DIKW) and the related transformations apply to clinical practice and nursing informatics practice (in general and/or in your work setting)? Data information knowledge wisdom aims at to incorporate to nursing, the information that couples up nursing, information management to information processing and communication technology, to shore up the health of citizens globally.


This back up plan is enabled by the use information technology and other information structures, which systematize statistics, information. It further identifies processing adapted by computers; alter the nature in technology, work systems and unit arrangements, format, and may give room for considerable changes in the application of nurses’ time and the secure release of care. Examine expectations in the scholarly literature for informatics competencies at different levels, including for new graduates and those at the master’s level and doctoral level. How did your self-assessment fit these expectations? What strategies are you planning to improve your competencies? Informatics nurses though new prove quite challenging due to the course demands. The new graduates need awareness concerning the requirements of the course and the challenges that come with it. New graduates need to have information relating to computer use so that the lecturer has an easy time incorporating it with the nursing needs. ...
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