Care Quality and Implementation of the Chronic Care Model

Care Quality and Implementation of the Chronic Care Model  Essay example
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Care Quality and Implementation of the Chronic Care Model: A Quantitative Study An Article Critique Introduction Because of the finding that acute-care model was ineffective, numerous legislators and healthcare practitioners suggested other or additional models to deal with its weaknesses, like broadening managed care and setting up case- and disease-management initiatives, yet they by no means basically resolved the issue of healthcare provision (Richardson 2008).


This paper chooses the topic of CCM because of its great relevance to contemporary nursing practice. It primarily puts emphasis on quite a few features of healthcare management. The provision of healthcare would shift from a traditional patient-physician relationship, where the latter entirely determines what needs to be done, to a more concerted effort between an equipped, enthusiastic healthcare group and an involved patient. The healthcare group operates within a planned environment, where care- and disease-management is evidence-based, processes are primed to monitor and assess progress, and information is communicated to doctors and patients (Bodenheimer & Grumbach 2006). In this process clients/patients are actively involved, motivated to independently manage their illness and the healthcare organisation collaborates with its immediate community. The key terms used in this paper are Chronic Care Model (CCM) and the Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (ACIC). CCM states that a significant percentage of chronic care does not occur within an organised health delivery contexts. CCM has been applied productively in some healthcare settings (Bernstein 2008). ...
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