Ethical/Legal Risks Assessment

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Ethical/Legal Risks Assessment Name Course Tutor’s Name 21 November 2012 Informatics continues to change nursing in different ways. Like other professions, nursing informatics is faced with different issues, which could be ethical or legal in nature. This arises out of the patient-nurse relations, which comprise the nursing practice.


This issue mainly arises due to the automation of the patients’ medical records (Hunt, Sproat, & Kitzmiller, 2004). Before informatics, patient information was in hard copy and stored away in prohibited cabinets to ensure privacy of the information. However, with the introduction of computers, laws that governed this issue were loosened. This paper addresses ethical issues by presenting a case of ethical risks, their analysis according to the nursing ethical codes, and the appropriate strategies for resolving them. The conclusion will give the summary of important insights, which are discussed in this paper. Sometimes, most healthcare institutions break the rules which govern the privacy of patient medical records either knowingly or unknowingly. Personal observation at my place of work led to the realization of many of such cases of ethical risks where nursing practitioners breach these laws. First, sometimes safeguarding of patient information is not observed. Occasionally, patients are interviewed in the presence of their family members and in an open environment where outside parties can hear the conversation. In addition, some health workers still chart the medical information of patients in computers in the presence of other people. Another issue is about the confidentiality and security of the patients’ personal data on the system. ...
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