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Running Head: Personal Statement Personal Statement [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Personal Statement My aspiration to apply for a course in adult nursing comes from my earliest job placement at Sonali Gardens, which is a day centre. During my tenure there, I got the chance of talking to the residents, taking care of them, and developing relationships with them and this is what actually attracts me towards nursing.


The practice of Nursing takes account of complex links with different types of individuals as well as organizations, with carers, relatives and friends, and members from other career paths. It was at the day centre that I noticed my aptitude of giving support to individuals who are may be nervous or confused and I think this is a key ability one should posses for being a nurse. As part of my course, I started a second job placement at a nursing home. Here, the service users had different circumstances as well as requirements, and I found out how to balance their requirements and fulfil them in a manner that displays my use of initiative. My aspiration to become adult nurse has been additionally enhanced by my tenure in Cara charity organisation where I have developed people skills. I like the challenge of working in demanding situations and for me it is extremely gratifying to effectively take care of people and comfort them when they are in need and this is an additional reason of why I want to be an adult nurse. ...
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